My Roles: UX Designer, Lead UX Researcher
Project Type: Internship
Duration: Q2 of 2023 
Tools Used: Figma, Basecamp, Google Suite, Loom, Jira
The Problem 
Enrichly's current onboarding process has been described by employees and administrators as being time consuming, overwhelming, and unorganized.
The Solution
Our teams solution was to spearhead the ideation and design of an internal dashboard for Enrichly employees to manage the courses they teach and the coordinators that they manage.
The Outcome
87% user satisfaction rate
The product is scheduled to launch in August of 2023 and currently has a user satisfaction rating of 87% following internal usability testing with employees.
After completing...
3  coordinator interviews
2 usability tests
2 stakeholder interviews
                              we learned...
-The company is currently using multiple external platforms for hiring, onboarding, and program management. 
-Current course booking for coordinators is done by messaging on external platforms, making it time consuming. 
-Coordinators prefer to be able to build their teaching schedules weeks ahead of time for ease of planning other life events. 
-Administrators are looking for an easier way to organize and manage the companies employees.
Enrichly's Original User Flows

original education coordinator user flow

original administrator user flow

SWOT Analysis
Objective: to understand Enrichly’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats so that the team can have a full awareness of all of the factors involved in developing the Education Coordinator product.
Competitive Analysis
Product Requirements 
You can access the full product requirements document here.
-Standard user registration
-Standard user log-in
-Single sign on (SSO)
-Event management
-Events list
-Event location services
-Event registration
-Event cancellation
-View schedule
-Internal job application
-Internal new employee onboarding
-Student management
-Ratings & reviews
Newly Suggested User Flows

Education Coordinator User Flow

Administrator User Flow v1

Administrator User Flow v2

Design System
Success Metrics 
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
-Success rate 
-The time a task requires
-Error rate
-Users subjective satisfaction
-Task success rate
-Time on task
-Search vs Navigation
-User Error Rate
-System Usability Scale 
-Net Promoter Score
What We Tested
Research Findings
-87% user satisfaction rate following internal usability testing
-During a trial run users described the experience as "seamless" "easier to use" & "less frustrating" in comparison to the previous application and onboarding process. 

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